OGS Attends The RE:CO Symposium

Atlanta, April 13, 2016 – Members of One Global Sourcing Ltd attended the Re:co Symposium at The SCAA Expo this week. The event focused on issues and trends that impact the global specialty coffee industry.

“I was particularly interested in the discussions pertaining to future trends and consumer behavior,” says OGS General Manager, Joe Seydewitz. “We see many opportunities to broaden our product portfolio, as well as how the global specialty coffee industry may change in the coming years.”

The event was attended by global specialty coffee leaders across a wide spectrum of participation from producers to researchers to marketing specialists and many more. Some of the key topics at this year’s event included the impact of climate change, understanding the coffee consumer, and cool new trends expected to have a future impact in the specialty coffee market.

“This year’s symposium has been a real eye-opener for us,” says Seydewitz. “We’ve learned so much listening to and discussing with this fascinating group of people. We are already looking forward to attending next year’s symposium.”

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