Blue Mountain Coffee

Located between 1200 -1400m (3600 – 4200ft), the Blue Mountain plantation’s beautiful surroundings are consistent with its award-winning coffee. Their product is a blend of S795, SL-34 and Blue Mountain varieties grown on a steep incline overlooking the Pyin Oo Lwin township. Originally from India, S795 is known for its balanced cup and subtle flavor notes of mocha. SL-34 originated in Kenya, and is known for savory-sweet flavors, full body, and complex acidity. And Blue Mountain is a unique mutation of Typica, which can be characterized by excellent cup quality with lemon and floral notes and by a sweet aftertaste.

  • Origin
  • Region
  • Variety
    SL-34, S795 & Blue Mountain
  • Process
  • Altitude
    1200 - 1400m
  • Source
    Direct Trade


Climbing into the Blue Mountain estate we began seeing vibrant colors broadcast from flowers and fruits we hadn’t previously seen before. Something special was happening at this place. The natural beauty was shockingly beautiful. We were intrigued to say the least.

Shortly after entering the plantation we arrived at our guide and farm owner’s home. Jutting out of the side of the plantation’s steep incline, his home was something of a modern day architectural wonder. We later learned that he not only designed and built it himself, but he was the lead builder of the Mandalay Coffee Group (MCG) central processing facility across town.

The seemingly endless stream of visual intoxicants brought us to the apex of the arching Blue Mountain plantation where we could see an intricate gold pagoda centered in the vast valley beneath us. Spectacular view!


Silver oak and macadamia nut trees are peppered throughout the plantation providing important shade for the coffee plants, as well as reinforcing the farm’s special atmosphere. Together these intercropped plants take on an aesthetically tasteful aura beyond simply coffee production. Functionally, their leaf litter provides critical micronutrients to the soil, and act as a natural fertilizer for the coffee trees. They also shield pesky winds.

Teams of Burmese ladies pick the plantation’s ripe cherries. What makes Blue Mountain coffee particularly special is that they wait until the cherries become slightly purple before harvesting. This ensures that their final product will be rich with flavor notes that lean towards herby, black chocolate and hints of clove.